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Viking Craft

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*Please check the forums regularly so you can all stop bitching about server problems


Alright motherfuckers, listen up, cuz some serious shit is about to have SUPER KINKY INTERCOURSE WITH YOUR VIRGIN-ASS EARS. This server is the most badass thing you will ever be a part of. Yeah, I know, you are SUPER FUCKER ROCK HARD right now. I mean, who wouldn't be? This is like being invited to have a fucking 3 WAY WITH MILA KUNIS AND CHUCK NORRIS. PLOT TWIST, THAT FUCK SESSION IS ON THE MOON. AWWWW YEAH ,BITCH-TITS. Now take that little fantasy that even FUCKING ZUES HIMSELF WOULD BE HIS GIANT LIGHTNING BOLT DICK TO, and multiply it by 1000000000 or some other fucking huge number. And boom, you have VIKINGCRAFT. This fucking server has PVP AND  FACTIONS. YEAH, PUT THAT IN YOUR GAY LITTLE PIPE AND SMOKE IT UNTIL YOU ARE AS HIGH AS LIL WAYNE WAY HE WROTE HIS FUCKING TERRIBLE SONG "HOW TO LOVE".  God, if I was in a room with Hitler, Stalin, Joseph Kony, and Lil Wayne, and I had a shot gun with 20 shells, I WOULD PUMP EVERY LAST PIECE OF LED INTO THAT MOTHER FUCKER'S FACE. But, I digress. So this server may just be the biggest and baddest server of ALL TIME. AND YOUR PUNK ASS IS INVITED. YEAH, YOU SITTING AT YOUR COMPUTER WITH YOUR GAY LITTLE CHAIR, OR WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU'RE SITTING ON. So get your ass over to this server and PLAY THE SHIT OUT OF THIS GAME. Ready, set, PLAY MINECRAFT TILL YOUR EYES ARE STUPID LITTLE FUCKING BALLS OF FIRE. OH YEAH, AND DONATE SO WE CAN PAY FOR OUR BLACKJACK AND HOOKER ADDICTION. Anyway, besides giving us a BONERIFIC hookup, you'll get some crazy jizz your pants worthy gear that you have our personal permission to use as IMPLIMENTS OF RAPE AND SHIT.


- VikingCraft Team :)